Yang Meiping|2022-10-30
Minhang launches 3-year drive to lure global talent
Minhang launches 3-year drive to lure global talent

Shanghai's Minhang District launched a three-year campaign on Wednesday to attract global talents.

Shanghai's Minhang District on Wednesday kicked off a three-year campaign to attract talent from all over the world.

This includes the release of a worldwide recruitment plan, offering more than 10,000 jobs, including about 3,000 in key sectors such as education, health care, artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing and biomedicine.

The district also launched five overseas work stations to better serve talent who would like to work in Minhang.

To retain talent, the district has gathered 10 enterprises to provide it with professional services ranging from human resources services to accommodation supplies. It also inaugurated a one-stop service platform to deal with talent's needs, both at work and in life, round the clock.

Minhang launches 3-year drive to lure global talent

A Vlinker affordable rental community opened in Pujiang Town.

As accommodation is an important factor for people to choose where they work, Minhang has pledged to enlarge its stock of affordable rental apartments to at least 50,000 by the end of 2025.

In its latest effort, a Vlinker affordable rental community in the district's Pujiang Town opened on Wednesday.

The complex boasts 3,116 apartments in six buildings which were renovated from former factory dormitories. The flats are fully furnished and tenants can move in immediately. More than 1,600 employees from enterprises in the town have signed rental contracts with the complex operator.

Minhang launches 3-year drive to lure global talent

An affordable rental apartment in the Vlinker complex