[Quick News] Australia Now Has a 15-day Visa-Free Agreement!
[Quick News] Australia Now Has a 15-day Visa-Free Agreement!

China is on a roll for rolling out the welcome mats to people around the world.

Australia joins a growing list of countries with visa-free agreements. Residents from down under can enjoy a 15-day visa-free window for visiting China. The recent announcement has spurred a large reaction in Australia, with City News Service reporting spikes in search volume for "China tours" from Australian tourists surging by 80 percent within the first half hour, after the announcement was made.

For those keeping track (or for those who may have missed), here's a running list of announcements regarding visa-free travel:

These bilateral diplomatic agreements come off the heels of China making a concerted effort to make travel more convenient and increase the country's connectivity to the world.

It's paid off in leaps and bounds with inbound international travelers seeing surging numbers in the first quarter of this year.

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