July 2024
Egyptian exhibition a sight to behold at Shanghai Museum
The "Civilization of Ancient Egypt" exhibition brings mummies, pharaohs and deities to life with a stunning collection of artifacts dating back thousands of years.
2024-07-19 to 2025-08-17
Shanghai Museum (People's Square)
201 People's Avenue
Bund Art Festival promises new urban art experience
The 2024 Bund Art Festival, part of the city's "Shanghai Summer" program, will begin on July 27 at Yuyuan Garden Malls and the Bund Finance Center.
2024-07-27 to 2024-08-25
Bund Finance Center and Yuyuan Garden Malls
600 Zhongshan Rd E2 中山东二路600号; 265 Fangbang Road M 方浜中路265号
Chanel fashion exhibition showcases her legacy in Shanghai
Features a rare collection of Chanel jewelry, the exhibition not only highlights her contribution to fashion but also her enduring influence on the design and cultural landscapes.
2024-07-12 to 2024-11-24
2F, Power Station of Art
678 Miaojiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, 200011
Teen artist grabs the spotlight at Bund One Art Museum
Wu Yanhan's paintings are seemingly simple, but at the same time seem infinite, where change is perpetual.
2024-07-09 to 2024-07-23
Bund One Art Museum
1/F, 1 Zhongshan Rd E1 中山东一路1号1楼
Palaces exhibition offers an insight into the life of Napoleon
French military leader who conquered much of Europe and whose reign heralded a golden age of European art and architecture is the focus of Meet You Museum Shanghai's latest show.
2024-07-09 to 2024-10-07
Meet You Museum in Shanghai 遇见博物馆·上海静安馆
Bldg 3 Jing'an Innovation Galaxy, 210 Wenshui Rd 静安区汶水路210号静安新业坊3号楼
Great ready for fun as the circus comes to town
"What a Circus," a celebration of creativity that transcends the ordinary, draws from the imaginative genius of American artist Alexander Calder in a blend of play and performance.
2024-06-07 to 2024-12-01
Creativity Gallery - Playground, West Bund Museum
2600 Longteng Avenue
Cartier celebrates century of Trinity ring with sparkling show in Shanghai
The Trinity 100 Journey offers more than a glimpse into the jewelry maker's illustrious history and connects visitors with the brand's evolution of style and significance.
2024-07-04 to 2024-07-28
West Bund Art Center
555 Longteng Ave 龙腾大道2555号
Enter Mozart's world at the Meet You Museum Shanghai
Artists present exhibition merging music, installations and static displays to take visitors back to 18th-century Europe, offering a glimpse into the life of a musical prodigy.
2024-07-05 to 2024-10-07
Meet You Museum in Shanghai 遇见博物馆·上海静安馆
Bldg 3 Jing'an Innovation Galaxy, 210 Wenshui Rd 静安区汶水路210号静安新业坊3号楼
Cartier's world premiere exhibition to open in Shanghai
The Trinity collection, celebrating its 100th anniversary, is on show to the public from July 6 to 28 at the West Bund Art Center along with work by artists it has inspired.
2024-07-06 to 2024-07-28
West Bund Art Center Hall A
2555 Longteng Avenue 龙腾大道2555号
Multimedia artist explores interplay between image and narrative
"CRISPR Whisper," the latest exhibition by multimedia artist Liu Shiyuan at Fotografiska Shanghai, offers her insights into how we view the world.
2024-07-05 to 2024-10-07
Fotografiska Shanghai Opening hours: 10:30am-11pm (closed on Mondays)
127 Guangfu Road, Jing'an District 静安区光复路127号