Hu Min|2024-05-31
[Quick News] Getting married in Shanghai is getting WAY easier!
Getting married in Shanghai is getting WAY easier!

Shanghai's about to make it a whole lot easier for international couples to tie the knot! Starting this June, five more districts in the city are opening their doors to marriage registration for foreigners marrying locals with a Shanghai hukou.

If you're in Huangpu, Xuhui, Changning, Jing'an, or Minhang, you're in luck.

Previously, lovebirds had to head over to the Shanghai Marriage Registration Center in Xuhui or trek out to Pudong. But from now on, residents from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese can also join in the fun, registering right in their district.

Marriage App!

Want to book your slot? Just hop onto the Suishenban app, check out the city government's public service platform, or find "民服务" on WeChat and Alipay. And yes, make sure your partner's hukou is in one of the five eligible districts. Shanghai's making big moves to bring everyone closer, one marriage at a time! Stay tuned as this trial might just go citywide. Cheers to more love in the 'Hai!

Getting married in Shanghai is getting WAY easier!

Here's what you need to tie the knot in Shanghai:

For Shanghai Residents:

  • ID Card: Have your ID card ready, digital copies are accepted.
  • Residence Booklet: Don't forget your residence booklet.
  • Single Status Affirmation: A signed document confirming you're single and not closely related to your spousetobe.

For Foreign Residents:

  • Passport or Valid Travel Documents: Make sure your international travel documents are up to date.
  • Single Status Documents: Authorized documents confirming you're not currently married.

For Both:

  • Photographs: You'll need to provide photos, so smile!

Make sure to have these essentials ready to ensure a smooth registration process.

Q: Can my Five Star Permanent Residence Card be used as valid ID proof?

A: Absolutely, your Five Star Permanent Residence Card is good to go as a stand-in for your passport or other international travel documents. Just remember, you'll still need to provide your valid passport number when using it. So keep that handy!

Q: Does being from a Hague Convention country simplify the marriage registration process in China?

A: Yep, if you hail from a country in the Hague Convention, there's good news for you. China jumped on the Hague Convention bandwagon, making the whole process smoother since November 7. No more running around for consular stamps on your single status documents. Just make sure these docs come from recognized authorities and have a Chinese translation attached for verification. Less hassle, more time for love!

Q: How can I make reservation?

A: You can make reservation via the Suishenban app "随申办," the city government's public service platform, the official WeChat account of the bureau "民服务", and the Alipay app.

Q: Lost your marriage certificate? What's next?

A: No worries, it happens! You've got a couple of options to replace that precious document. You can head back to the original spot where you tied the knot and snag a replacement there. Or, if you fit the bill for registration at any of the six specified locations or the Shanghai Marriage Registration Center, you can sort it out at any of those places too. Just make sure you meet their criteria, and you'll be back on track in no time!

Here are a list of places to get hitched:

The Huangpu Marriage Registration Center

Address: 250 Jiangxi Rd M.

Tel: 6377-7913

The Xuhui Marriage Registration Center

Address: 3/F, Bldg 2, 999 Nanning Rd

Tel: 6423-5543

The Changning Marriage Registration Center

Address: 1/F, Bldg 1, Lane 631, Jinzhong Rd

Tel: 6270-5589

The Jing'an Marriage Registration Center

Address: 1-2/F, 50 Moling Rd

Tel: 6244-1118 ext 3002

The Minhang Marriage Registration Center

Address: 1766 Xinzhen Rd

Tel: 5453-0884

The Pudong Marriage Registration Center

Address: 3/F, 2240 Pudong Rd S.

Tel: 5882-8056 (marriage), 5882-9805 (divorce)

The Shanghai Marriage Registration Center

Address: 3/F, Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, 80 Caobao Rd

Tel: 6432-5088