CNS upgrades platform to better serve expats in Shanghai

On the occasion of its one-year anniversary, City News Service (CNS), a comprehensive news and information service platform for expats in Shanghai, is unveiling a fresh upgrade. Hosted by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government Information Office and run by Shanghai Daily, CNS is introducing significant enhancements.

The upgraded CNS platform includes a complete product overhaul, featuring a revamped main website, the launch of a WeChat mini-program, and the introduction of a Japanese version of its WeChat account. This transformation aims to provide an even more precise and enriched service to a wider international audience. The goal is to offer foreign residents in Shanghai more tailored information to help them seamlessly integrate into the city's vibrant life while simultaneously strengthening Shanghai's global communication capabilities.

Over the past year, CNS has been delivering authoritative and practical information designed to cater to the needs and habits of foreign audiences. It has become the preferred source of information for expatriates looking to understand and adapt to life in Shanghai. Through various offline collaborations, such as "CNS City Bus Tours," "CNS and the Masters Cup," "CNS Signs Cooperation Agreements with Foreign Talents in Shanghai," and "CNS Partners with Eastern Airlines for an Anniversary Themed Flight," CNS has demonstrated its commitment to improving the working and living conditions for foreigners in Shanghai, showcasing the city's warmth and international competitiveness.

CNS upgrades platform to better serve expats in Shanghai

Countdown poster for CNS One-Year Anniversary

The upgraded main website focuses on enhancing user convenience, presenting more comprehensive content, and offering a broader range of services. It optimizes various sections, with dedicated columns like "Policy Spotlight," "Insider's Guide," "Chic & Savory," "What's On," and "Weekend Escape." These columns play a pivotal role in helping expatriates seamlessly embrace city life and local culture.

Additionally, the inclusion of a Japanese channel ensures more accurate information and services. The recently launched CNS Japanese version of the WeChat account, serving nearly 40,000 Japanese residents in Shanghai, further enriches CNS's product portfolio and service offerings. To deliver genuine multi-platform, one-stop information services, the newly launched CNS WeChat mini-program consolidates government and commercial service accesses and enhances user engagement through improved functionality.