Ma Yue|2023-10-25
International magicians gather for Shanghai festival

The 12th Shanghai International Magic Festival has attracted international illusionists from eight countries.

The festival, which runs from October 25 to 28, is making a return to Shanghai after four years. This time, it will present the "World Spectacular Stage Magic Gala Show" and "World Spectacular Close-up Magic Gala Show" at Jing'an District's Center Theater and Chang Jiang Theater in Huangpu District.

Austrian duo Anca and Lucca, the new world champions of mentalism who have won more championships than anybody else in the FISM and European Magic Competitions, are among the international guests.

French magician Florian Sainvet is dedicated to building manipulating programs with a distinct sci-fi flair, while Italian magician Filiberto Selvi excels at blending magic with music and drama in his performances.

Charlie Frye, a veteran American magician who has performed in over 40 countries over the past four decades, is recognized for integrating magic with acrobatics and body comedy.

Ramó and Alegra, a Spanish pair, will fill their 10-minute presentation with comedic battles between the two, challenging the traditional placement and preconceptions of magicians and assistants.

International magicians gather for Shanghai festival

Foreign magicians who will perform in Shanghai

There will be a number of new talent competitions, as well as forums and lectures.

Liu Qian, a well-known Chinese magician, has been nominated to the jury panel.

"I competed in the magical festival for the first time 22 years ago." "I'm back as a jury member now," said Liu.

"Two decades ago, not many people had a proper understanding of magic shows, as they considered them a kind of acrobatic show," he said. "Now, we have more mature performers and audiences."

"Magic performance is like all other performances; it's about finding a way of expression – a magician knows the secret but tries to present it to the audience in a unique way," he said. "Practicing magic can also enhance innovative thinking."