Li Qian|2023-09-05
It's a world first! Shanghai Disney unveils details of Zootopia-themed land

Zootopia Atmosphere Show (Fru Fru)

The world's first Zootopia-themed land is scheduled to open by the end of this year at Shanghai Disneyland.

It will become the eighth themed land in the park on opening, Shanghai Disney Resort announced on Tuesday, while revealing new details and highlights.

Upon entering the land, guests will be immediately immersed in Zootopia as they stroll down Mane Street, the main street lined with "storefronts" in a variety of sizes, leading to its civic plaza – Savannah Central – where Judy Hopps first stepped foot in the metropolis (in the hit Disney animation flick).

Standing at the center of the plaza will be a large office building boasting an oversized digital billboard and an assortment of billboards. Behind this is the stunning skyline of Zootopia, which was originally inspired by a variety of city skylines in the animated film.

It's a world first! Shanghai Disney unveils details of Zootopia-themed land

The fully activated land will immerse guests in the vibrant and diverse mammalian metropolis of Zootopia.

As a vibrant city made by mammals for mammals, Zootopia boasts extensive systems for housing, businesses, facilities, and, of course, transportation.

Guests will find numerous traffic signs with local touches.

Like Mane Street, in Chinese, it is named as "Da Ma Lu (大马路)," literally "big main road."

Nocturnal Alley (夜行弄堂) is designed as a street for nocturnal animals. Its Chinese name refers to traditional Shanghai-style alleyway, which will rekindle precious memories people have of Shanghai and pays homage to the unique heritage of the city.

It's a world first! Shanghai Disney unveils details of Zootopia-themed land

Street signs come with special local touches.

The land will also be fully activated through a wide variety of innovative new technologies.

At Zootopia Central Station, a large Metro train can be seen passing behind an upper-level decorative stained-glass window. In the second-story windows of the Tiger Dance Club, Gazelle's famed tiger dancers can be seen celebrating Zootopia Day alongside a wide variety of animals.

Walt Disney Imagineering's leading audio-animatronics technology is another key feature that further brings the land to life.

The Zootopia Transit Authority has just completed the new state-of-the-art "hyper-tube" used by lemmings on their way to and from work at the Lemming Brothers Bank and other businesses. A series of drop-off points will showcase how Zootopia's smallest citizens deboard the system – just like in the film.

Audio-Animatronics Figure (Chief Bogo)

On the other side of the street, a full-sized giraffe can be spotted running on a treadmill in Zootopia Fitness, a modern gym in Zootopia. The treadmill belt itself makes a gym for mice, who run on the hamster wheel-like gears.

The major attraction, "Zootopia: Hot Pursuit," will invite guests to become rookie police officers alongside Officer Judy Hopps and her partner Nick Wilde.

They will slide across the ice of Tundra Town, prowl for fugitives through the streets of Sahara Square, have a too-close-for-comfort encounter at Mystic Springs Oasis, and plummet from the canopies of the Rainforest District.

Audio-Animatronics Figure (Clawhauser)

The "shops" and "businesses" in Zootopia are run by residents of all different species.

Like, Zootopia's famous fashionista, Fru Fru, the daughter of Mr. Big, owns a store that will offer over 200 different products, with many designed exclusively for this land.

Guests can also find a variety of deliciously Zootopified food and beverage offerings at Jumbeaux's Cafe – an ice cream kiosk directly inspired by the film, from its design concept to its food menu.

A visit to Zootopia would not be complete without a Jumbo-pop, which takes the form of a Chocolate Marshmallow, and a fox paw-shaped Disney Zootopia Popsicle refreshingly flavored with sweet-and-tart hawthorn berry, a childhood favorite! What's more, the beloved cheetah officer, Clawhauser, will see his favorite – The Big Donut – also come to life, which is sure to become a must-eat treat in this new land.

Tiger Dance Club

It's a world first! Shanghai Disney unveils details of Zootopia-themed land

The highly anticipated paw-shaped Disney Zootopia Popsicle will debut at Zootopia.