Tan Weiyun|2023-02-02
International fashion brands release new collections across Shanghai

From French luxury brand Dior to Hermèss, a number of high fashion brands are launching new collections across Shanghai.


French luxury brand Dior presents a unique pop-up boutique featuring the Dior x ERL spring 2023 collection at century-old Zhangyuan, or Zhang's Garden, in downtown Shanghai.

Conceived by Dior men's artistic director Kim Jones and guest designer Eli Russell Linnetz (ERL), the color-soak collection celebrates the Californian art of living that unfolds delightful, unexpected experiences with a sunny atmosphere and creative West Coast audacity.

The collaboration blends the two brands – Dior and ERL – together into a vibrant and appetizing cocktail that contains Dior's high fashion and ERL's archetypal American universe.

The pop-up store at Zhang's Garden is dominated by blue and pink, while the antique convertible cars in bright colors from neon pink to turquoise, in front of the store, pay tribute to the road trip along the West Coast.

Looks combining the sportswear spirit of skateboarding with the elegance of couture are revealed in electric blue settings. The collection is highlighted with elements such as "California Couture" lettering hand-embroidered in metallic thread, yin and yang symbols on hoodies, and Dior's iconic saddle bag, reinterpreted in "light blue Dior Oblique Mirage" water-repellent technical fabric, reminiscent of the Californian cool breeze.

The pop-up store is open to the public through February 15.

International fashion brands release new collections across Shanghai

Dior presents a pop-up boutique featuring the Dior x ERL spring 2023 collection at Zhang's Garden.


Hermès men's winter 2023 collection, launched late last month, maintains wearability and practicality. Designed for the "walking man," the collection underlines the key elements of comfort, versatility and playfulness.

The fabrics feature cashmere and flannels, baby lamb and crisp fabrics, and different leather grains. The color palette reveals muted tones such as charcoal, gravel, fog, caramel, brown, coffee, camel, navy, ivory and black.

Leather takes the center stage in this new collection. Stylish separates include coats and straight blousons in tartan printed calfskin, sleeveless vests in sheepskin, blousons with ribbing in deerskin and maxi-pockets in calfskin.

There is more metal than usual, playfully integrated through single earrings in white gold and diamonds, swinging pocket chains, bracelets in silver, pink or gold, and dice necklaces in palladium finish metal.

International fashion brands release new collections across Shanghai

Hermès men's winter 2023 collection


Designer brand Alaia launches its winter/spring 2023 collection, which is available at its new boutique in Plaza 66.

This collection investigates and celebrates the inherent contradiction as all the clothes are designed based on "paradox." The simplicity of geometric forms yields intricacy. Rectilinear cutting and reduced construction are used to create garments that transform with the gestures, and move freely around the female form. Polka-dots are a leitmotif, echoed by embroideries of baroque pearls.

Stretch-jersey pieces, leggings, draped skirts and coeur-croise tops are re-engineered to function as a second skin.

In a trompe l'oeil play, the crocodile is translated to a three-dimensional jacquard, and chenille can pretend to be fur.

Jewelry takes on brutalism, interwoven with the clothing or laid on the surface, while metal bangles are inlaid into the sleeves, or integrated into footwear.

International fashion brands release new collections across Shanghai

Looks from Alaia's winter/spring 2023 collection


The South Korean beauty brand has opened its Olfactory Archives candle exhibition, launching its latest scented candle collection at HAUS Shanghai shopping and art space on Huaihai Road M.

The exhibition hall is dominated by milky white and sky blue to create a pure and peaceful ambiance, while the fluffy walls lend it a touch of warmth in this chilly winter.

Giant candle sculptures made of concrete are set up, and the burning wicks and flickering flames are revived through glass handicraft and built-in light installation.

The collection includes three fragrances: Cocoon Musk, Sounds of Night and Mulberry Leaves.

Cocoon Musk has a woodsy twist with a bit of cigar smell, while Sounds of Night features sweet jasmine mixed with a slightly bitter fruity aroma. The Mulberry Leaves fragrance has a woody base, followed by the middle notes of patchouli and sage.

International fashion brands release new collections across Shanghai

Tamburins has opened its Olfactory Archives candle exhibition.