Renewing driving license made easier for overseas Chinese

Shanghai is making it easier for overseas Chinese to renew, extend and modify their driving licenses as of Friday.

Those who are unable to return before the end of the year to submit the required paperwork can permit friends or family in Shanghai, who must carry their identification certificate and a letter of authorization, to apply for an extension.

They can request an extension through the Jiaoguan 122 online platform or the Jiaoguan 12123 app. Alternatively, they can go to the vehicle administration's No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 branches, as well as the traffic police offices in the city, to apply for license renewal, inspection extension, and submit physical examination results.

If a person fails to return on time and renew their driving license before the expiration date, their license may be revoked. In such circumstances, they can complete the paperwork within six months of their return.

Those whose licenses have expired for more than three years will have to take a new driving test.

More details are available on the Jiaoguan 12123 app.

Those who have an overseas driving license can apply for a Chinese one after they return.

Applicants can visit the city's vehicle administration branches No.1-4 and the Comprehensive Trade Zone Brigade of the Pudong Traffic Police Division to renew the licenses.

They must carry an identification certificate, exit-entry records, an international driving license, a standard photo and a proof of physical condition.

Source: SHINE