Ma Yue|2023-01-23
Shanghai shivers as cold front drops mercury to sub-zero

Shanghai is enduring another round of cold front starting from Monday, with the temperature drop of 8 to 10 degrees Celsius in the following 48 hours.

According to the meteorological bureau, the highest temperature will be between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius in the next two days, while the lowest temperature will plunge to minus 4 degrees in downtown Shanghai on Wednesday morning.

In suburban areas, the lowest temperature may reach minus 5 to 8 degrees with freezing or severe freezing conditions.

Strong wind also hit the city on Monday, especially the foreland and the Yangshan Port area. Drizzle is forecast for Monday evening. Due to the drop in temperature, short-term sleet is expected in some areas of the city.

Traffic police are reminding drivers to go slow on the accelerator and maintain proper distance on the road in freezing conditions. Drivers are also urged to check their vehicle's battery function and tire pressure before hitting the road.

The cold front will end on Thursday, when the maximum temperature climbs to 10 degrees, which will be followed by another slight drop on Friday and Saturday.

Sunny and cloudy weather is forecast for Tuesday and the rest of the week for pleasant conditions amid the Spring Festival holiday, which ends on Friday.

The air quality will remain good in the following few days, with the Air Quality Index falling between 30 and 55. PM2.5 particles will be the major pollutant.