Cai Wenjun|2022-12-16
Where to find online consultation on COVID-19

International hospitals and clinics in Shanghai are offering online consultation and drug prescription services regarding COVID-related issues.

Here is service information and QR codes to reach international medical facilities in the city.

Shanghai United Family Hospital

The hospital's doctors at the departments of pediatrics, respiratory diseases, inner medicine, general physicians, pharmacy and elderly disease management are available online from 9am to 9pm every day and give responses within 5 minutes.

The service is bilingual, as patients can choose the language on the screen. Doctors can offer consultation and prescribe medicines which will be delivered to patients' homes.

The consultation fee is 299 yuan (US$42.9) each time.

Where to find online consultation on COVID-19

QR code of Shanghai United Family Hospital's online service

Jiahui International Hospital

Jiahui International Hospital's general physician department offers online COVID consultation and service all day and night. Patients can choose a specific department online, and the fee differs among different departments.

Each doctor is marked with languages he or she can speak.

Where to find online consultation on COVID-19

QR code of Jiahui International Hospital's online service

SinoUnited Health

SinoUnited Health offers free online COVID consultation from 9am to 6pm Monday to Sunday. However people may have to wait due to the large number of consultation seekers.

The free service only gives consultation and health education. For those who needs online diagnosis and drug prescription, they must use the hospital's virtual clinic.

The virtual clinic offers video consultation. The fee for pediatricians or general physicians is 300 yuan. It is 400 yuan for other special departments.

Where to find online consultation on COVID-19

The free online COVID consultation service of SinoUnited Health

Where to find online consultation on COVID-19

QR code for SinoUnited Health Virtual Clinic