Services for foreign talent in Minhang District
Minhang enhancing services for foreign talent
Ti Gong

A staffer processes the working permit for a foreigner at the central service booth.

Minhang District is allocating its south, central and north foreign talent service booths to better serve its increasing number of foreign experts and overseas talented personnel.

Central service booth

Inside the Minhang District Immigration Office (4099 Zhongchun Road), it mainly serves international talented personnel working in Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, Xinmin Overseas Scholar Business Park, Caohejing High-tech Park and Xinzhuang Central Business District Weijing Park.

North service booth

In the Hongqiao International Central District at 2377 Shenkun Road, it helps foreign talented personnel from modern service sectors such as international trade, finance, culture and creative industry, and science and technology.

South service booth

At 940 Jianchuan Road, it is now under construction. When completed, it will mainly serve strategic talented personnel from Fortune 500 companies and essential state companies from the Grand neoBay Sci-tech Innovation park, Zizhu High-tech Park, Caoejing Pujiang High-tech Park and Minhang Aerospace City.

Staff of the foreign talent service not only have streamlined approval procedures, but also solved burning questions.

By the end of 2022, Minhang had approved and granted about 26,000 working permits to foreign talented personnel, among them 2,700 for the Category-A high-level talent.