Catalog of Jobs for Foreign Talent Whose Skills Are Urgently Needed in Shanghai (for Trial Implementation)

The affairs concerning the pilot accreditation standards for highly-skilled, sophisticated, cutting-edge and urgently-needed foreign talent in Shanghai are hereby notified by the General Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in accordance with the principles of the 20th CPC National Congress and the Central Talent Work Conference, and the requirements specified in the Opinions for Implementing the Pilot Program of Business Environment Innovation (Guo Fa [2021] No. 24) issued by the State Council.

Catalog of Jobs for Foreign Talent Whose Skills Are Urgently Needed in Shanghai (for Trial Implementation), as part of the scheme, concerns 62 jobs covering four industries/sectors, namely integrated circuit, biomedicine, artificial intelligence (AI), finance.

The certification documents required:


  • Educational qualifications, and at least two years' related work experience
  • The certification of job(s) for foreign talent whose skills are urgently needed in Shanghai, issued by the employer


Integrated circuit:

Mask Aligner System R&D Personnel, Precision Motion Control System Engineer, Optical Design Engineer, Chip Architect, Chip Designer, FPGA Technician, Dedicated Chip Technician, RF Technician, IC Electrical Designer, Process Integration Technician, Advanced Process R&D Personnel, ITO Target Technician, Super Capacitor/Resister Technician, Laser Annealing Technician, Memory R&D Personnel


Clinical Researcher, Public Health Researcher, TCM Researcher, Radiology Researcher, Personnel for Reproductive Medicine, Chronic Disease Researcher, Drug Target Researcher, Pharmacological and Toxicological Researcher, Pathogen Biology Analyst, Bioanalytical Researcher, Applied Microbiology Researcher, Biomechanical Analyst, Virology Researcher, Functional Foods Researcher

Artificial intelligence (AI):

Intelligent Algorithm Researcher, Human-computer Interaction (HCI) R&D Personnel, Industrial Robot Designer and Developer, Virtual Simulation R&D Personnel, Tactile Sensor R&D Personnel, Computer Vision R&D Personnel, Autonomous Learning Algorithm Researcher, Image Algorithm R&D Personnel, Video Coding Algorithm R&D Personnel, Visual Perception Algorithm R&D Personnel, Intellisense Researcher (Sensor System Architecture), Autopilot R&D Personnel, Speech Recognition R&D Personnel, Natural Language Processing R&D Personnel, Intelligent Network R&D Personnel, Sound (Ambient Sound) Recognition Researcher, Service Robot Designer and Developer


FinTech Regulation Personnel, High-level Financial Management, Financial Risk Researcher, International Finance Researcher, Financial Transaction Rules Researcher, Actuary, Cross-border Finance Personnel, Tech-Finance Personnel, Financial Product R&D Personnel, Risk Control and Management Personnel, Financial Professional of Big Data Mining and Application, Financial Professional in AI Application, Financial Professional in Cloud Computing Application, Blockchain Finance Application Professional, Financial Information Infrastructure Development and Operation Professional