Arina Yakupova,Ma Xuefeng,Zhong Youyang,Shen Xinyi,Wang Xinzhou|2024-02-09
How to do rail-air transit at Hongqiao transportation hub?

Shanghai is a major hub for travelers. Have you ever wished to check in including your luggage at the railway station when doing a transit between railway and air flights? Well, your wish is granted!

China Eastern Airlines recently introduced a new service. Today Arina will guide you through the whole process. Let's begin where it starts at the railway station of Hongqiao hub.

Shot by Arina Yakupova, Ma Xuefeng. Edited by Arina Yakupova, Zhong Youyang, Shen Xinyi. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou.

How to do rail-air transit at Hongqiao transportation hub?
Shen Xinyi / SHINE

The location of the counter where you can check in at the arrival floor of Hongqiao Railway Station.

If you go:

Operation time: 7:30 am to 10:30 pm every day

Location: Exit No. 2 on the Arrival Floor (B1) of Hongqiao Railway Station

Filights: Only for flights of China Eastern and Shanghai airlines at T2 Hongqiao and Pudong airport

Check-in time: Check-in is only available on the day of departure. 1.5 hours before for flights at T2 Hongqiao and 3.5 hours in advance for Pudong flights