Tour Shanghai's playgrounds for the city's unique elephant-slides

Elephant slides are a pretty common fixture at many playgrounds around the world. In childhood, no playground was complete without an elephant slide, its long nose is a natural fit for the classic fixture. But in Shanghai, these children's slides take on a unique form, with an almost instillation-type aesthetic

Gumei Residential Area

A pair of blue elephant slides are hidden in a neighborhood garden in Xuhui District, where residents walk, play chess and exercise. The two elephants sit in the center of the garden, forming a mirror image of each other.

A photo with the pair of elephants comes off like a retro-style painting, accented even more with bright-colored props. The space under the elephant's trunk is also a cute spot for a picture, giving visitors a fun frame to enjoy.

Address: Lane 1107, Gumei Rd

Tour Shanghai's playgrounds for the city's unique elephant-slides

Yangpu Park

The elephant slide in Yangpu Park is classic. It feels stuck in time, exuding a strong sense of nostalgia, evoking memories of childhood.

This is a "spacious" elephant, with much more room to play. The elephant trunk and stairs also provide a great photo-op. It's worth mentioning that this elephant is a rare double slide, allowing two children to launch at the same time.

While certainly classic, the elephant is far from lonely. The surrounding amusement park may be old, but there are lots to play with, and the equipment is full of color.

Each fixture in the playground seems to surround the elephant with love, awaiting the laughter and energy of children.

Address: 399 Shuangyang Rd

Tour Shanghai's playgrounds for the city's unique elephant-slides

Xinsong No. 3 Residential Area

This elephant belongs to the post-90s generation, with its smooth and concise lines making it seem more like a sculpture from Miffy & Friends. It lives in a small garden in the Xinsong residential area, and while being the oldest of the three slides in terms of age, it's also the smallest.

The elephant slide is hidden in a pile of fitness equipment, and despite its small stature, it maintains a striking visual impact. There are a number of other small animals on the side of the elephant, each done in a similar style, reminiscent of the last century. It gives the entire area a unique atmosphere.

Address: Lane 363, Xinli Rd

Tour Shanghai's playgrounds for the city's unique elephant-slides

The article and photos are provided by ShanghaiLOOK.