Buy and refund service in Shanghai

When overseas travelers and those from Chinese Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan purchase tax-free goods and complete the Tax Refund Application Form in designated tax-free stores in Shanghai, they can immediately receive a tax refund in cash upon purchase.

Application requirements:

1. The purchase amount in designated tax-free shops ranges from 500 yuan to the stipulated limit.

2. The overseas tourist commits to leaving Chinese mainland at the departure port of Shanghai in 17 days with the tax-free goods exported in the overseas tourist's personal carry-on or checked luggage. The overseas tourist stays in Chinese mainland for no more than 183 consecutive days.

3. The overseas tourist has purchased goods and obtained the VAT invoice and the Tax Refund Application Form.

4. The overseas tourist holds a credit card ready for pre-authorization guarantee.


1. Confirm the amount of the tax refund and use a credit card for pre-authorization.

2. Sign the Notification on Rights and Obligations for Departure Tax Refund Service and receive the tax refund in cash.


1. Tourists should go through the Customs verification process for tax refund, in accordance with the regulations when leaving Chinese mainland.

2. Tourists can choose to put the tax refund-related documents into the mail-boxes for Buy & Refund Service at the departure port, to confirm and process tax refunds without queuing or undergoing face-to-face service.

3. If the requirements for Buy & Refund Service are not met, the tax refund agency will deduct the fee through pre-authorization. If the general requirements for common departure tax refund are met, tourists can still go through the common process to get the tax refund.