Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai

Indulge in a cup of coffee as the summer breeze flows over the Huangpu River. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner as Lujiazui is lit up at night. Admire breathtaking views of Shanghai over a glass of wine. All these can be achieved on a terrace. Look no further as we have selected 20 special patios in Shanghai.


Located at a height of 258 meters, it boasts a stunning terrace. The most attractive feature of this terrace is the breathtaking scenery in front of you – the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is close at hand, and you can enjoy romantic sunset views of Shanghai. Here, you will be offered a variety of delicacies, complete with charming scenery of the Huangpu River and the Bund.

Tel: 2020-1717, 2020-1778

Address: 58/F, 8 Century Ave, Pudong New Area


Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai
Ti Gong


Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai
Ti Gong


Charbon by Paul Pairet

Charbon was created by Paul Pairet, a French chef known for Ultraviolet, a Michelin three-star restaurant. Charbon is a fantastic barbecue joint located on the sixth floor of iapm mall. The outdoor terrace has recently opened to the public, featuring a panoramic view of the urban landscape near Huaihai Road. It offers nearly 50 types of barbecue, making it an ideal place for those who enjoy drinking and eating kebabs.

Tel: 5456-2399

Address: L6-606, 999 Huaihai Rd M.

淮海中路 999 号L6-606

The Pine

The Pine, known as a pioneer of "Chinese French cuisine" in Shanghai, has recently relocated to Changle Garden. The restaurant features a private courtyard filled with lush flowers and plants. Although the space isn't large, the atmosphere is romantic and intimate. The rattan tables and chairs in the garden create a lazy and casual European vibe.

Tel: 6015-9268

Address: 333 Changle Rd


ROOF P.M. Modern Dining

This terrace, located on the top of the Museum of Art Pudong, is paired with the stunning restaurant, ROOF. P. M. Modern Dining. It has a simple and pure design with clean white walls and steps, as well as orange glass doors that overlook Puxi. The restaurant offers exquisite meals and afternoon tea during the day, and transforms into a romantic Western restaurant at night.

Tel: 6881-2777

Address: RT/ F, West Gate, MAP, 2777 Binjiang Ave, Pudong New Area


Solo Garden

Solo has opened a new store on Changle Road, Solo Garden, featuring an open garden courtyard and a lush green lawn. It is more like an Italian-style tavern, making guests feel as if they were in the Mediterranean. The meals are highly cost-effective, with an average of 200 yuan per person for a sumptuous meal.

Tel: 5803-0000

Address: 333 Changle Rd


The Upper Room/The Living Room

The Upper Room is a hidden gem located on the roof of the Somekh Building. Built in 1918, the classical architectural style adds an elegant touch to its romantic ambiance. At the corner of the terrace, there's a European-style tower where you can take in the views of the Bund. After nightfall, the place transforms into a perfect spot to admire the evening scenery of Lujiazui. The Living Room, located on the second floor, is also captivating.

The Upper Room

Address: 7/F, 190 Beijing Rd E.


Tel: 193-7065-3175

The Living Room

Address:2/F, 190 Beijing Rd E.


Tel: 6333-3087


The CUCURUCU features a spacious courtyard with a nice view of the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The layout of the courtyard is casual, filled with lush greenery. The indoor and outdoor areas are connected, creating a suburban park-like ambiance right in the heart of the city. The design allows indoor diners to breathe in the freshness of the plants.

Tel: 138-1668-1634

Address: 88 Tongren Rd


No. 8 Hengshan Road

No. 8 Hengshan Road, also known as the "Oriental Champs Elysees," is a new landmark. Its exterior walls and arched doors and windows exude a strong European style. The mixture of European-style ivory white buildings and red century-old brick walls make it a photography mecca for Shanghai photography enthusiasts.

Tel: 3161-5462

Address: 8 Hengshan Rd


Tian'an 1000 Trees

On the banks of Suzhou Creek lies a particularly eye-catching "mountain-shaped building" that stands tall as an urban landmark of Shanghai – Tian'an 1000 Trees. Alongside buildings that are made to blend with nature, this complex also features over 400 open observation terraces, each of which offers a breathtaking view of the Suzhou Creek.

Tel: 2215-5118

Address: 600 Moganshan Rd


The Bulgari Bar

The Bulgari Bar, on the 47th floor of the Bulgari Hotel Shanghai, has always been a popular terrace where one can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of both sides of the Huangpu River. The Bulgari Bar is an ideal place to spend the afternoon with a group of friends, enjoying both great views and a good chat.

Tel: 3606-7788

Address: 47/F, 108 Shanxi Rd N.



Lago, situated on the sixth floor of the Bellagio by MGM Shanghai, is one of the most popular on the list of Shanghai hotel terraces. The terrace is interconnected to the restaurant, which was created by Studio Munge, and features a trendy and avant-garde style, complemented by elegant decorations. The Italian style of Lago perfectly matches the creative dishes.

Tel: 3680-6777

Address: 6/F, 188 Beisuzhou Rd


Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai

Cathay Room

Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai

Cathay Room

Fairmont Peace Hotel, a landmark in Shanghai, has always been a dream destination for tourists from home and abroad. Cathay Room has a spacious terrace where guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the Huangpu River. The hotel also has a mini terrace, which provides an exclusive 180-degree view. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is in close proximity, making it an ideal place to celebrate a special occasion.

Tel: 6138-6881

Address: 9/F, 20 Nanjing Rd E.



The restaurant and bar offers excellent views of both sides of the Huangpu River. It boasts strong European-style architectural elements. From the terrace, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the architecture and the beautiful scenery of Lujiazui.

Tel: 6321-0909

Address: 3 Zhongshan Rd E1


Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai
Ti Gong


Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai
Ti Gong


Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai
Ti Gong

Lujiazui view from ROOF


ROOF is located on the 29th floor of The Shanghai EDITION. With a 360-degree view of the Huangpu River, the terrace offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere. The lush green plants that line the terrace create an oasis that floats above the city.

Tel: 5368-9537

Address: 29/F, 199 Nanjing Rd E.


W Shanghai

W Shanghai-The Bund boasts an incredible poolside bar. The afternoon tea at W Shanghai-The Bund has been upgraded, drawing inspiration from movies. The limited seasonal cocktail created by chief bartender Roy Yu is worth trying.

Tel: 2286-9961

Address: W/F, 66 Lushun Rd



CASANOVA, situated on the 4th floor of Six on the Bund, has a stunning terrace with excellent views. The indoor décor of the restaurant features a warm design paired with cold metal, creating a sense of retro-modern. The outdoor terrace showcases a Mediterranean-style landscape, where guests can indulge in Italian cuisine while enjoying the bustling scenery of the Bund.

Tel: 6346-3686

Address: 4/F, 6 Zhongshan Rd E1


Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai
Ti Gong

The Fellas Terrace

Where to spend summer night with a terrace in Shanghai
Ti Gong

The Fellas Terrace

The traditional Italian restaurant has won the hearts of diners with its authentic cuisine. The décor of the restaurant is grand and elegant, while the bar terrace is low-key yet luxurious. Here, guests can bask in the flickering lights while enjoying wine and the breathtaking scenery of the Bund.

Tel: 6316-9119

Address: 7/F, 7 Yan'an Rd E.


eat n work

It has been a popular destination for social media influencers since its opening, as it offers beautiful river views and a panoramic view of the Bund. With a unique design, the terrace features a 270-degree viewing platform that's shaped like a bubble house. The combination of fresh green plants and refreshing white tables and chairs creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Tel: 182-2187-8458

Address: 9/F, West Zone, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Rd W.



Highline, a popular place for dating in Xintiandi area, has a 270-degree panoramic view and an urban green landscape. Having brunch or afternoon tea here is a good choice.

Tel: 6333-0176

Address: 6/F, 282 Huaihai Rd M.


Villa Le Bec 321

The French restaurant is on Xinhua Road, a street lined with old Western-style houses. Inside the restaurant, there is a French garden covering an area of 800 square meters. The terraces are located at the back and top of the villa, mainly for afternoon tea or cocktail parties. The romantic atmosphere here reminds people of Paris.

Tel: 130-0410-0222

Address: 321 Xinhua Rd