How to see a doctor in a Chinese hospital

For expats who want to go to Chinese hospitals, public and private, here are the procedures.

Outpatient reservation

To book an outpatient appointment, foreigners may register for a medical card at the hospital using their passport or other forms of identification. They may also use the same online reservation service as Chinese residents through hospital app or WeChat account. But not every hospital offers such online service. Patients can consult staff at reception desk for guidance.

Due to the pandemic, currently a 48-hour negative PCR report or a negative self-antigen test result on site is required to enter outpatient departments. But for surgery and certain checks that need patients to remove the mask, a 24-hour negative report is required.

See a doctor

The procedure for expats is basically the same as for Chinese. Here are the details:

1. Go to the reception desk for pre-examination, and register under guidance to see a doctor in the relevant department.

2. Present your registration ticket at the payment counter and pay for the medical service.

3. Wait until you are called into the designated room.

4. The doctor will diagnose your condition and offer treatment, a prescription, or advice for further examination.

5. Take your prescription, treatment sheet, test sheet and examination sheet to the payment counter, and then collect medication from the pharmacy after making payment.

For people with fever, it is a must to visit a fever clinic at the hospital. Fever clinic is open 24 hours.

Fever patients must do a nucleic acid test and other necessary blood test. They and their accompany should wait at the fever clinic until the PCR test result comes out.

Emergency department opens 24 hours a day. For patients in critical condition, emergency treatment will be given before he or she is formally registered at the hospital.