A guideline of public transportation services in Shanghai


A guideline of public transportation services in Shanghai

Taxi/Ride-hailing services

A guideline of public transportation services in Shanghai

Shared bikes

There are there major bike-sharing platforms in Shanghai, namely, Hellobike, Meituan and Qingju. Hellobike bikes can be rented via the Hellobike app or Alipay, Meituan bikes via the Meituan app, and Qingju bikes via the Didi Qingju app or the Didi app.

Using Hellobike as an example, the steps to rent a bike are as follows:

1. Open the Hellobike mini program in Alipay, or download the standalone Hellobike app. Fill in your details, link a payment method, and then pay the deposit.

2. Go to the homepage of the mini program or app, touch "Bike" to view available bikes nearby on a map, and then use the navigation feature to locate the bike you choose.

3. Verify that you have located the correct bike, and then scan the QR code on the bike to rent it.

Other transport methods

Car rental is also a convenient transport option. There is no need to purchase separate commercial insurance, and a wide range of car models is available.

A guideline of public transportation services in Shanghai

Shenzhou Car Rental can provide car rental services to foreigners. To rent a car, foreign customers must present a Chinese visa with a remaining validity period of at least two months, their latest entry stamp for that visa, and both sides of their driver's license for Chinese mainland. Photos of these pages and documents can be submitted for verification through: "Personal Center" – "Identity Authentication" – "Driver's License" – "Certificate Photo." Your documents will be verified between 8:30am and 5:30pm on working days.

According to Article 19 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Road Safety, a Chinese driving license may be issued to a person with a driving license from another country who meets the requirements for driving of the public security department under the State Council, and passes the driving tests of the traffic administration of the public security department. Drivers shall only drive the types of motor vehicles specified on the driving license, and always carry their driving license on their person when driving a motor vehicle.

Source: Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs