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TEC joins forces with Luneurs and Bon App for charity initiative

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2023-10-01 to 2024-04-01
Luneurs Flagship Stores
Luneurs stores
2023-10-01 to 2024-04-01
Luneurs Flagship Stores
Luneurs stores

The Expatriate Center (TEC) is proud to partner with our partners, Luneurs and Bon App, to present to you "Good Vibes, Good Food, Good Deeds" Charity Sale Project. This initiative aims to encourage positive action by promoting EAT GOOD and DO GOOD, so we invite you to visit participating Luneurs stores and discover how you can contribute to this meaningful cause.

外籍人士中心 (TEC)很高兴携手合作伙伴LuneursBon App,上线慈善义卖活动。让我们一起享受“好氛围,好食物,爱心行动”,在享受美味的同时,做慈善。邀请你光顾Luneurs参与门店,去探索如何为慈善尽一份力。

Luneurs will be providing a range of exclusive sets at their selected physical stores through Bon App deals, and 15% of the proceeds will go towards the Shanghai Yicai Flying Foundation-BLESS Foundation to help children in rural provinces and their families through education and disability support. This initiative encompasses improving learning conditions in local schools by providing desk donations, offering financial assistance for surgeries related to congenital heart disease, supporting the education of children with disabilities, and more.

Luneurs将通过Bon App在其选定的实体门店独家提供一系列团购套餐,收入的15%将通过上海市益彩飞扬公益基金会—助福专项基金为山区贫困家庭孩童助学助医和助残,其中包括购买课桌椅改善当地学校学习条件,资助先心病患儿手术,资助残障儿童教育等。

Event info:

Visit one of the following stores 光顾以下其中一家门店:
Luneurs au bonheur Happiness Alley (幸福里店)
Luneurs le flâneur Huashang lu (华山路店)
Luneurs au passage Gubei (古北店)
Luneurs le garde-manger One ITC (One ITC店)
Luneurs le panier Kerry Parkside (浦东嘉里城店)
Luneurs atelier Rock bund (洛克外滩源店)
Luneurs les halles MIXC (万象城店)
Luneurs le marmot Disney Town (迪士尼小镇店)

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