March 2023
Story behind a missing boy and his family to be staged
Inspired by the 1979 disappearance of New York City boy Etan Patz, a play named "Deadline" premiered at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center yesterday.
2023-03-24 to 2023-04-16
Venue: Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center
288 Anfu Rd
Children's book fair welcomes 10th anniversary
The 10th Shanghai International Children's Book Fair will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from November 17 to 19.
2023-11-17 to 2023-11-19
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
Kunqu Opera prince to bid farewell to stage after Shanghai performances
Kunqu Opera prince Zhang Jun will bid farewell to the stage for a while and concentrate on his role as opera school headmaster after two performances in Shanghai next month.
2023-04-07 to 2023-04-08
Shanghai Oriental Art Center
425 Dingxiang Rd, the Pudong New Area
Gallery blurs the line between art and design
For its latest exhibition, the Pearl Lam Galleries is exploring the hierarchical concept of art forms, eliminating the perceived boundaries between art and design.
2023-03-21 to 2023-05-21
Pearl Lam Galleries
Rm 203, 2/F, 117 Xianggang Rd
Exploring the art talent of a pioneering architect
Tong Jun, known as one of the "four masters of architecture," is a famed architect and educator in modern China, a pioneer in the theory of modern Chinese gardening.
2023-03-20 to 2023-05-21
Jiushi Art Museum and Jiushi Art Salon
6/F, 27 Zhongshan Rd E1; 北京东路230号
Copper furnace art exhibition offers glimpse of past
Amid the fragrance of incense, a copper furnace art exhibition opened in downtown Huangpu District over the weekend.
2023-03-19 to 2023-04-02
3F, Huabao Tower, Yuyuan Garden Malls
265 Fangbang Rd M., Huangpu District
One-on-one immersive theater breaks the wall between actor and audience
Two new immersive shows redefine the line between actor and audience. The shows "A Game of You" and "The Smile off Your Face" give audiences a unique one-on-one experience.
2023-03-21 to 2023-03-28
Shanghai Culture Square
597 Fuxing Rd M.
'Wild Grass' reveals contemporary art's vitality
Gallery Bluerider Art has launched an exhibition featuring 150 artworks from about 50 international artists to celebrate the gallery's 9th anniversary.
2023-03-17 to 2023-04-16
Gallery Bluerider Art
133 Sichuan Rd M.
Explore tulips in full bloom across Shanghai
Spring is here, and the tulips are in full bloom. Colorful floral displays are giving the city a unique seasonal atmosphere.
2023-03-01 to 2023-03-31
Around the city
Largest Botticelli exhibition set for Shanghai
The largest Botticelli-themed exhibition on the Chinese mainland to date features 10 original works by Botticelli (1445-1510) and other Renaissance masters in a total of 48 pieces.
2023-04-28 to 2023-08-27
Bund One Art Museum
3/F, 1 Zhongshan Rd E1